30+ Cool Aesthetic Bedroom Background Ideas

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One can use classic old furniture to give their bedroom a touch of tradition, class and sophistication. One can use their existing beds and recliners by redecorating them. Old wooden beds carved with exquisite designs create a regal ambiance in the room. One can use silken sheets and bolster covers to accessorize it.

One can use long deep red or azure colored silk curtains to give the room an element of mystique.

Soft cozy cushions covered with lace and silk can be used to make the old classic furniture like chairs and recliners more comfortable and beautiful.

Usually, old classic furniture is formed out of oak, mahogany or walnut. They generally have a very refined and tasteful look and are comfortable to use but the dark shade of the wood can make moderate sized room look smaller. One should use light colored classic furniture for moderate sized rooms. They can make the room seem bigger and bright. This type of furniture is rather exclusive despite lacking a distinctive style of its own. This furniture can be used to decorate a house of any type or size. It can decorate your house without making it look cluttered. One can pair it with curtains and light colored sheets made out of light material like cotton or linen. One can also use light colored woolen mats to accessorize it.


Modern fashion dictates as little use of furniture as possible. While purchasing modern furniture one should be clear of the type of furniture since modern furniture offers a large variety in terms of utility and design. If more floor space is needed choose chic and functional furniture. Modern fashionable metal furniture can serve this purpose very well. The bed should occupy less than one third space of the bedroom. It should be kept in the middle of the room and the headboard should be along the wall.

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