30+ Creative Soft Aesthetic Room Ideas

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Every child needs a calm and tranquil place to call their own. For some children, strong primary colors on the wall, furniture and play toys energize just a little too much, turning rest time into test time.

It’s true — surroundings play a key role in how children relate to their day, emotions and others around them.

Making your child’s room a safe haven is a critical part of the nurturing process. Soft colors in the room’s environment can soothe and relax even the most “rough n’ tumble” boy or girl.

Once you get the walls and ceiling “color-softened”, next consider the furnishings:


  • how soothing is the color of the furniture?
  • how soft is the feel of the fabric?
  • how durable is the sturdiness of the fabric?
  • are the edges to furniture pieces safely rounded?


For a unique comfort that’s durable and sturdy for years, many parents are turning to bean bag furniture. A soft, cozy bean bag chair will make any child feel happy and safe. In fact, a good quality bean bag chair will last an entire childhood.

Bean bag chairs are portable, too! Children love being able to move their bean bags around from room-to-room. A big plus for them is that it’s easy to do since they are so lightweight. You’ll smile, too, as you watch your child sink into a nesting place of their very own.

A soft and soothing color palette does not have to mean neutral or drab, especially when it comes to the floor. In fact, this can be a great place to tie the room together with accent colors, possibly with a FUN area rug for added interest.

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Softly colored walls and soft furnishings work together to bring calm to a child’s hectic day!

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