30+ Fabulous Modern Bedroom Cupboard Designs 2021 Ideas

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Most bedroom cupboards consist of some basic shelving units to pack socks, underwear and t-shirts and some hanging units to hang up shirts, gowns and jackets. Some wardrobes will on the odd occasion even have a unit that’s half shelving and the other half hanging. This type of unit is called a combination unit or combo unit for short.

While the basic wardrobe cabinets are perfect for packing solutions there are many other ideas you can incorporate into the design of your cupboards. Let’s look at a few ideas that will make your life both much easier and luxurious when using your bedroom cupboards.

Adding Drawers

There are two types of drawers you can fit into your wardrobe units. The inner drawer and the external drawer. The inner drawer is fitted inside the bedroom unit behind the door and can only be pulled out once the door is open. The external drawer can be opened from the outside of the cupboard and has a drawer front with handle that’s flush with the doors of the cupboard.The inner drawer’ runner has to be fitted with drawer runner spaces so the drawer misses the door’s hinges when it is opened.

Drawers are ideal for packing socks, underwear and other clothing items that are often used as it’s easy to access those item. Open the door and pull out the drawer, it’s that easy. No more digging behind a pile of shirts to get to the one that you want to wear, every item in the drawer is visible at a birds eye.

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Fitting A Shoe Drawer Rack

A Shoe drawer rack is very handy to store shoes on and slides out when you want to get a pair. It is fitted with a ball bearing extension runner so that the entire shoe rack protrudes out the cupboard when pulled out. Shoe drawer racks are usually manufactured out of stainless steel but can be made out of chipboard as well to match the interior color of your wardrobe.

Install Pullout Hanging Rod

Although most bedroom cupboards are fitted with fixed aluminium or stainless steel hanging rods pullout hanging rods are far better to use. A pullout hanging rod is used to hang clothes on but the rod itself is spring loaded to pull back up into it’s original position when pulled down to access clothes. The rod has a pole attached to it which is used to pull the rod down from it’s fixed position and push it back up again when you’re finish using it.

Pullout hanging rods are useful for accessing clothes hanging up that are hard to reach. It also makes your cupboard look super modern inside and although it’s quite an expensive asset to have in your bedroom it’s worth every penny.

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