30+ Lovely Low Budget Small Restaurant Design Ideas

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While the quality of food and services should be the main reason patrons should visit your restaurant, the decoration (both interior and exterior) is also vital for attracting customers. A well decorated restaurant that complements the quality of food can play a big role in determining whether a patron while visit the same restaurant again. Regardless of your budget and business policy, decoration should be one of your primary concerns. Here are some decorating ideas for you:

1. Pay attention to the layout: Design the layout for spaciousness so that every customer can have his/ her own space without being troubled by the other. Even if it’s a small restaurant, design the layout and place tables and chairs in such a way that no one bumps into another. Pay equal attention to the kitchen and restrooms.

2. Use comfortable chairs: A patron can enjoy his meal only when he’s comfortable. And it is your duty to arrange for his comfort besides providing him with good quality food. For the purpose, use well padded leather chairs that are generally comfortable. Use light shaded table cloths and napkins that will soothe the mind of customers. Also use shady lights to create just the right atmosphere that customers desire.

3. Add plants: Not cheap plastic plants or some neglected pot with dried and withering leaves. But silk plants or real plants that can also add sweet fragrance to the area. Try a giant piece lily on a low table near the entrance or Ficus trees in a dreary corner to add interest to the scenario. You may use vines that are easy to maintain even if you know very less on plant caring. Hanging plants work wonder and create the right ambiance. But make sure they do not hang over any table as they may scatter soil on the table below.

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4. Add a rug: Something as simple as a rug can make a lot of difference to the look of your restaurant. Add a colorful area rug with a good design at the entrance or any other preferred are to add interest to the place.

5. Use wall paintings: Use wall paintings to spruce up the look of your restaurant. Use a variety of paintings on different walls to portray a variety. One painting can be Latin- American while another can be Gothic. Complement the pictures with the theme of your restaurant.

6. Design the exterior: Make sure you have a good paint on the exterior walls of your restaurant that plays a great role in inviting guests. Hire professionals to landscape the exterior space (if you have some). Attach an awning on the exterior wall that will provide shade and also protect from passing showers. You can also use them as accessories to increase the versatility and usefulness of the outside space. How about having a dining arrangement under the shade of the awning. Couples will love it.

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