30+ Cool Small Restaurant Interior Design Ideas

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While starting a new restaurant you may be wondering about the interior design and dominant theme of the space. There are several techniques for setting up the space in an inviting, appealing way that will set the mood for customers to have a happy dining experience.

Here are some simple tips that may help you in setting up the interior design of your restaurant.

Divide the space

Shape and size of the available floor space plays an important role in deciding how you may set up the interior design of your restaurant. In addition to this, you should keep in mind provisions that are mandatory under fire safety regulations and local restaurant laws. Start the interior design of the restaurant by dividing areas for kitchen space and dining space and other purposes. You may need about half of the floor space as the dining space where your customers would sit and eat. About one fourth of the available space may be required as kitchen. Depending on the available space, you may consider making provision for a store, restroom and cleaning.

Dining area

Selecting space for the dining area is most important. You should try to make provision for as many guests you can without compromising their comfort. Make sure that it is not too crowded for your servers. Leave enough space between the tables for their movement. Before you buy furniture for dining, measure the space accurately to decide about the shape, size and number of tables and chairs that are required.

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Comfort for customers

Restaurant diners prefer privacy and look for corners, booths and tables against walls. Remember this while setting up your dining space. You may consider a combination of booths and open space if there is adequate space. Make the space comfortable for your customers. Don’t place tables too close to kitchens or air conditioning units. Ensure that the internal temperature remains at a comfortable level. Providing restrooms for your diners is a good idea. This will make your guests feel comfortable while waiting.


Lighting plays a very crucial role in setting up the mood. While some restaurants have lights for every booth, others prefer overhead lighting. Depending on the theme of your restaurant you may select various colors on different occasions. When the restaurant is set up in an attractive locality, you should make full use of it. Provide ample scope for natural lighting on such occasions. You may also use color glass on doors and windows for creating unique charm.


Selecting a theme may help you in developing interior design of the restaurant. Theme selection plays a vital role when you are targeting specific customer groups or promoting special types of cuisine of a region. When you plan to serve Japanese food or French delights, make sure to create an ambience that goes well with such servings. For local restaurants, it is important to select special themes for infusing the festive moods of Christmas, New Year or local festivals among the customers.

Make sure that the layout, interior design and theme of the restaurant sets you apart from the crowd and makes your guests comfortable and happy.

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