30+ Trending Industrial Bedroom Lighting Ideas

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The bedroom is sometimes the place where we spend the least time because of work and life activities on a daily basis, even though the bedroom is the space where you spend the more quality time in your week, in your bedroom you share chats, resting, dreams, sleep and of course the romantic situations. The bedroom is like your presentation card; how you treat your bedroom is how you treat yourself.

Try to see your bedroom as an extension of you and try to imagine how you want it to be, just as if you were getting new clothes, visualize the style and the look that you want to communicate, you can do this on your own or with your partner, so this may help your relationship by introducing a different activity to get rid of routine, and sharing a new style of sleeping – sharing may be something great for your relationship, think about it.

My mom used to tell me, and it’s kind of the truth, your bedroom is like a person’s soul, so how do you want to see your bedroom this time? Having a proper design to your bedroom will make it resemble your taste, remember this is like a sacred place for you and it should be decorated that way, so you should make an effort with this in mind.

-General color -Style design -Illumination -Your touch

Once colour and style is done, you should think about the illumination design, and for this you can search for lamps that fit the style you have chosen, but if you want a vanguard and universal design, you should consider the Miss K lamp by Flos, designed by the famous industrial designer Philippe Starck, here is something about the designer:

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He was born in Paris in 1949, he is surely one of the most original and creative designers around. He has obtained many important mentions and prizes such as the Grand Prix National de la Creation industrielle and the Honor Award of the American Institute of Architects, he considers himself as “a Japanese architect, an American art director, a German industrial designer, a French artistic director, an Italian furniture designer”

This lamp is presented in a variety of colors (blue, yellow, red, white, black); it’s designed with simplicity and knowledge, so that it can fit in with your sophisticated or minimal design taste of your bedroom. Miss K is an incredible lamp with a simple design, the external diffuser seems black, but when the light is on, the outer shade brings a transparent appearance and the subtle glow of the inner curved diffuser shines through.

So, if you’re in the bedroom, look at it, take a chance to think if this style is fitting for you, if it makes you feel comfortable, if not, hurry and make your bedroom be alive with you, permit yourself the pleasure to be in touch with good style. Don’t think twice and design your bedroom.

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