9 Beautiful and Stunning Loft Apartments Ideas

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There are several factors at play when designing, decorating, or choosing your loft apartments ideas. While each space has its own unique personality, there are some common threads running through many loft apartments. This gorgeous city house is comprised of a number of spaces, all custom designed to meet client requirements. Originally a space that had strong industrial design, the loft features high, vaulted ceilings, steel columns, and a general open feeling.

Taller doors give the space more of an air of grandeur, which is a really powerful architectural statement for the design of a contemporary loft. Having one big open space at the center of your loft apartments ideas is perfect for hosting a social get together or just relaxing in your house. A nice counterpoint to the open-plan loft is having a few smaller cozy moments or intimate spaces inside of the unit. A loft apartment, by contrast, is about an adaptable, larger, open space, usually an old industrial building or another kind of converted space to housing.

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The best thing about lofts is that they are usually located in urban areas, meaning that you could be near to work, school, or entertainment. These Loft designs are a lot spicier and roomier than your typical studio apartments, which is ideal for younger couples, or anyone who is staying on their own. Get inspired with these amazing tiny apartment lofts which use the space effectively with creative design solutions. A lofted house, apartment, or room is a great opportunity to extend and enhance the interior space and design aesthetic.

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Or, if you are looking for loft bedroom designs that are a bit more basic, you could create a dedicated room corner, complete with nightstand, lighting, even space for clothes and books. Using the signature elements of a loft, which we mentioned earlier, you can design a successful tiny-bedroom too.

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By combining the signature elements of this style smartly, you will be able to give your small flat a bit of city flair, even if it is small and has a low ceiling. To create a loft-style interior, a large, unpartitioned (or minimally used) room, with massive windows and the concrete or brick walls characteristic of the Loft, would work perfectly.

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Typical Loft-styled interiors are a large, open-plan space with brick walls, concrete or natural floors, a minimal amount of furniture, vibrant accessories, and modern technologies. This next loft is very light and open space, and the interior design is gorgeous, with vibrant colors and bold accents. This incredible fourth-floor loft features an extremely nice interior design, featuring plenty of living space and impressive wrap-around walls.

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Today, this loft maintains its open layout and sky-high ceilings, but has been updated with stainless steel appliances and ample storage. Designed for an art collector/artist, this project occupies the upper two floors and the roof of a 1920s factory building in Downtown San Antonio. Pivot doors on a corridor conceal storage and framing an entry into the Warrens other living areas.

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A white Corian kitchen island divides a modern kitchen from a living room, accentuating the apartments open layout and airy design style. While original lofts might be characterised by industrial elements like exposed beams and concrete floors, the overall open-space concept has been adapted to any conceivable style of interior.

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Loft is a name given to the contemporary urban style of interior design, characterized by a large amount of open spaces and industrial elements (very tall ceilings, exposed brick walls, exposed beams and pipes, cement floors, etc.). Lofts in CONTEMPORARY designs, in which the space is used to the fullest, sensationally high ceilings, the light flows in the separations, decorated with luxury materials. Explore ultra-modern, boho-chic, vintage aircraft hangers, even a loft with a Seaworld-sized aquarium.

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The most unique properties, loft apartments, penthouses, space stations are usually among the most sought-after properties, so it is essential that you grab the most unique properties before someone else does.

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