How Much Does it Cost to Unblock an Outside Drain?

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Drains are meant to be kept functioning smoothly so that you can be safe inside your home and maintain your beautiful little garden outside. But sometimes, drains get blocked disrupting the flow of wastewater.

If the blocked drain is inside the house, it’s typically visible and often can be fixed without strenuous work, such as pouring cleaning chemicals. But if the blockage is outside, you may have to hire an outside drain unblocker.

Outside Drain

There are several plumbers East London has to offer. How do you choose? Well, one way is to make yourself aware of the costs of unblocking an outside drain. Read on to know more.

Average Costs of Unblocking an Outside Drain

The charges of an outside drain unblocker could vary based on how bad the clog is, the time and effort required, the number of personnel who need to work, and so on. We’ll talk about some of these factors in detail shortly but first, let us look at the average drain unblocking costs based on the service.

  • Drain unblocking: The cost of unblocking the drain can vary between £ 75 and £ 150 and it usually takes around an hour for normal blockages.
  • Drain rodding and jetting: Most outside drain unblockers use a combined process of rodding and jetting to clean the drains. This costs between £ 150 and £ 200. Depending on the blockage, it could take one or two hours.
  • CCTV survey: Sometimes the blockage is so severe that it’s difficult to identify the location of the blockage manually. In such cases, a CCTV survey of the plumbing is done. The service costs between £ 150 and £ 300.
  • Drain lining: Some professionals may line the drain after cleaning to protect the water from getting contaminated. This service costs between £ 50 and £ 110 per square meter and could take up to a day.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Unblocking

Now that you know the average costs, let’s talk about some of the factors that affect the final cost of the plumber.

  • Blockage Severity: Some blockages can be cleared easily and quickly through simple rodding and may cost less. Other more severe blockages could require jetting and CCTV surveys, costing a bit more.
  • Location: Residents of London and South East England may have to shell out significantly higher labor costs for drain cleaning compared to their North England counterparts.
  • Access to Drains: An outside drain is not always easily accessible unlike drains inside the house. If your drains are at awkward places outside your home, the plumbers may require special equipment to reach them. The cost of labor then increases and so does your total expense to fix the drain.

Can You Clean the Drain Yourself?

If it is a minor blockage, you might try to unclog the drain yourself. You would need a drain rod and safety gear such as gloves and a face mask.

The main task is to find the blockage. Once you find it and it is accessible, use the drain rod to clear the blockage. Make sure your protective gear is on the whole time.

If it is not a minor block or a problem you cannot identify, it’s best to take help from a qualified professional. They have the tools and the expertise to clean all kinds of drain blockages so that you can be assured of wastewater smoothly flowing out of your house through proper channels.