Beautify Your Home With 8 These Art Pieces For Living Room

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The first step in decorating your home with art pieces for living room is determining where you want it placed or hanging. You can even try on your own, placing pieces of art on the floor to see how you want it to look when displayed on a wall.

If you have a big wall to fill, or want one piece that is statement-making to anchor the space, go with a larger-scale art piece. If you have a larger or smaller wall to fill, and are hoping to introduce multiple pieces of art to a space, consider a gallery wall.

Beautify Your Home With 8 These Art Pieces For Living Room

Incorporating a gallery wall in the design of your room is the easiest way to break up a all-white scheme, creating a room with more depth and interest. Very much in fashion — and will probably remain so for years — the gallery wall is both an excellent way to fill up empty wall space, as well as adding a little of your personality into a room.

A gallery wall does not have to be just a wall of pictures, either: You can use anything from mirrors to plants to add interest and character to your walls – as you will see with our ideas. Whether you are an art collector, nature enthusiast, or book lover, your walls can be customized to be surrounded by things that you love.

If you have a collection of art that you adore, a collection of family photos, or favorite postcards, grouping your favorite artworks together on your gallery wall makes for a truly personal and custom display. Whether you are working from home or an office, art is a great way to customize your space and inspire yourself.

Not only will your artwork feel more welcoming to view, it will also feel more at home next to other pieces of furniture in your room. When you are hanging art throughout your room, take a step back and look at the entire space to see if everything that is on your walls in plain sight is contributing to the feel that you are going for in your room.

Elements of a room like wall color, home style, number of pieces of furniture, colors and patterns within and outside the view, the doorway, windows, and height of ceiling all have an effect on how much of your art, and how much white space, feels right.

Before buying new wall art for a particular space, take inventory of the existing decor and furniture you already have in it. Do not stress about matching the art pieces for living room with your couch, since you can use accent pillows and other pieces to add a little pizzazz. If you are hanging small pieces above larger pieces, try adding light fixtures or other artworks to complete the composition.

When you are ready to purchase an original work of art, look for pieces that are stretched over canvas in a frame, or mounted on MDF, making them easier to hang onto your wall. Oversized pieces can even serve as dividers in the room, which is definitely a spectacular way to showcase your original artwork.

The reasoning for large walls, large artwork is because large pieces of artwork can clog up a smaller space and feel as though they are being crammed into it. To create a more balanced, visually appealing space, choose larger pieces, or go for gallery-style, or a stacked gallery-style arrangement with smaller pieces that take up a larger portion of a wall.

For instance, if I am doing one wall with a grid of six medium-sized frames, or even a gallery wall of lots of random art pieces for living room, I will restrict art on the adjacent wall to just one or two pieces. I personally try to limit quotes or words to just one piece of art per wall of the room.

This does not only apply to picture walls: choosing pieces on a wall, be it paintings or other artistic displays, that have a similar color palette can help tie a scheme together. Try picking some coordinated colors that you love, and finding a few pieces of artwork you love with these colors as a base. You could also decide to feature photographs, word art, pop art, or vintage pieces such as old posters or signs that you are drawn to.

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